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dido dido | 
dido dido | musicalnieuws Adembenemende Dido Dido neemt bezit van je ziel 
dido dido | arts talk magazine "Beautifully staged with an elegant simplicity, Dido Dido was one of the best things I have seen in Operadagen so far" 
burgelijke schemering | tgecho Theaterkrant 'De grenzen van wat normaal is' 
sontag | naomi velissariou De Groene 'Sontag' 
sontag | naomi velissariou volkskrant 'Sontag is verrassend en licht absurdistisch' 
sontag | naomi velissariou NRC 'Ode aan de zelfkritiek' 
sontag | naomi velissariou Theaterkrant 'De eenzaamheid van een superieure geest' 
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isolde | basel Nachtkritik
isolde | ny New York Times" ISOLDE is "smashing new work" and NYT Critics' Pick 
isolde | ny Time Out 5 stars review in Time Out New York: ISOLDE "miraculous" and "exquisite." 
isolde | ny Village Voice
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an interview with Peter Nijenhuis about my work with Richard at the Whitney De Wereld werkt in Arnhem
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neutral hero German theatre through american eyes
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2019 (droomspel) Volkskrant
ode to the man who kneels New York Times

three nominations in NY for setdesign, lightdesign ánd visual effects for The Evening! 2015 Henry Hewes Design Awards
nominated for set and lightdesign Isolde 2014 Henry Hewes Design Awards nomination for Drive-In/ Berg en Bos BNG Bank Nieuwe Theatermakersprijs

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